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1. Leave your bandage on for approximately 1 hour.

2. Wash the area with antibacterial soap and water. Do not re-bandage.

3. Pat dry and wait 10 to 15 minutes before applying a non-fragranced, water-based lotion. Rub it completely into the skin.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 a few times per day. Do not apply lotion without washing the area first.

5. You may cover the area with plastic wrap while sleeping for the first 3 days.

6. Your new tattoo will flake and peel in the final stages of healing. This is normal; do not pick it.

7. Do not swim or tan for 2 weeks.


1. Do not twist, turn or move your new jewelry. Avoid sleeping on your new piercing.

2. Using a non-scented liquid antibacterial soap, clean twice daily for the first 10-14 days. Clean once daily for the following 10-14 days, or as instructed by your piercer.

3. Most piercings swell. Use an anti-inflammatory, such as Ibuprofen, as instructed by your piercer. Always follow recommended directions on medicine labels. 

4. Most piercings require initial jewelry to be shortened. We suggest you come back for a follow up after 4-6 weeks. At that time we should be able to downsize the jewelry to a proper fit as needed.

5. Some piercings require an antiseptic mouthwash. Use twice daily for 7-10 days as instructed by your piercer.

6. I you have questions, issues, abnormal inflammation, irritation, possible infection or general problems with your piercing, please come see a piercer. Some questions can be answered through Messenger on Facebook.

7. Big Brain West never charges for installation or removal of jewelry. We are happy to help!